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Best foldable wardrobe with multi racks –

 Amazon Brand – Solimo 3-Door Foldable Wardrobe, 8 Racks, Brown (Plastic,Fabric)

About this item

3-door foldable wardrobe with sturdy steel metal pipes frame;Corrosion-free metal parts and high-quality plastic components

Brown outer cover with premium-quality and long-lasting zippers;8 non-woven brown shelves/racks made from 100 GSM fabric

Side pockets for storing small accessories;Load capacity of each rack: 10 kg. Hanger load capacity: 4 kg (20 shirts)

Includes a detailed set-up instructions manual. Easy to assemble, disassemble and move around;Dimensions: 130 x 45 x 165 cms; 51 x 17.5 x 65 inch

Style Name: Modern

Easy to assemble

The Solimo 3-door foldable wardrobe comes with a detailed instructions manual for easy assembling and disassembling without any tools needed. The wardrobe is also easy to move around, so you can use it in any room of the house. The wardrobe is collapsible and hence can be disassembled and stored when not in use.

Space optimized storage with high load capacity

The load capacity of each rack is 10 kg, while the hanger load capacity is 4 kg. The 8 shelves are made from non-woven 100 GSM fabric, thereby making this foldable wardrobe sturdy and stable. The wardrobe is designed to save space without compromising the storage volume. Use it to store everything from clothing and books to shoes and stationery.

Made from high-quality materials

This foldable wardrobe is made from sturdy metal pipes, corrosion-free metal parts and high-quality plastic components. Its outer cover offers premium-quality and long-lasting zippers, thereby making it durable.

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