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Best Full HD Projector with 4k under 10k

Best Full HD Projector with 4k Support under 10k

EGate i9 Pro-Max 1080p Native Full HD Projector 4k Support | 3600 L (330 ANSI ) | 150″ (381 cm) Large Screen | VGA, AV, HDMI, SD Card, USB, Audio Out | (E03i31 / E04i32) Black

About this item

  • Display :BIGGER & BETTER – LED, HD Ready (1080p) | (1280 x 720) Native Resolution | 1500 : 1 High Contrast Ratio | 3.81 m (150 inch) Large Screen Display
  • Lumens: BRIGHTER – 3600 Lumen | 330 ANSI Lumen | LED- Life Long Lamp + 30000 Hours Life |16:9 Aspect Ratio. Power Consumption : 50 – 150 W
  • Connectivity : 2 x HDMI | USB | VGA | AV | SD Card Slot | Audio Out | Sound : In-Built Speaker (Stereo) | 3W Speaker
  • Connect – TV (Set Top Box), Fire TV Stick, PC/ Laptop, DVD, Play Station etc.
  • Warranty Information : 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase


The Popular selling i9 Pro-Max


  • EGATE i9 Pro-Max got even better with full HD 1080p native resolution making it Better , Brighter and Bigger. It has got industry’s best feature to make it most admirable product of the market.
  • Better : With 1920 x 1080p HD Resolution and 80% more pixels , it results in to crispier and better image quality
  • Brighter : With 3600 Lumens and 60 % more brightness , image is clear and bright.
  • Bigger : With Bigger LCD and Bigger LED , enjoy 150″ large screen cinema.
  • Honest Value : its honest cost makes it best buy of the market.
  • Multi level support mechanism : Coupled with multi level support mechanism and ways to reach us this makes it a peace of mind purchase.



The image quality from high quality FHD LCD Panel of 1920 x1080 is unmatched in the industry supporting 4K resolution coupled with 2000:1 contrast , to give you crystal clear image and detailing on HUGE 150 inches large wide screen. With brightness upto 3600L…Comfortable daytime viewing.


BRIGHTER – No more dark rooms Experience the incredible !


The revolutionary 2022 upgraded Egate i9 Pro-max with 2073600 pixels compared to other local brands with just 324000 pixels makes i9 pro-max deliver nearly 6 TIMES sharper images. With ample brightness of 3600L / 310 ANSI its the best home cinema on for grab.


Multiple Installation Method


This light weight portable projector can be installed in various ways from Tripod to Single Screw Ceiling Mount. It is capable of front as well back projection. With Keystone Correction and focus adjustment, you can adjust the projection Angle of ±15° in the vertical direction, or manually adjust the degree of focus for a better viewing experience.


Wide Screen – Cinema Truly


Decades of expertise has made us understand technology as well as the human preferences better. Since our eyes are placed side by side, it is easier and pleasurable to see images in wide angle. This is why i9 Pro-Max has a native and default 16:9 wide screen ratio. Cinema industry has shifted long back on to cinemascope or 70mm in 16:9 format ratio, its time for PROJECTION industry to follow the Pioneers.


Why EGATE – Smart Gadget for Smart YOU – Unmatched Configuration


The advent of many Chinese and local traders importing non-branded cheap items into the country are misleading the innocent customers. Ensure to buy from a trusted brand with right information and true specification.

  • Lumens – While lumens is count of brightness, this term is specifically for the light source and not on screen brightness. On Screen brightness is measured in ANSI, Lux or Foot Candella. The Single LCD LED projector max brightness in industry has reached uptill 900 ANSI as of 2022. Any brand misleading claim of 900 plus needs to be authenticated and is question mark on reputation of the brand.
  • Resolution – HD or FHD or 4K. well higher the pixels better is the image. How ever the NATIVE resolution is the important thing and not support. The picture will only be displayed at the native resolution as the system will downgrade the content to its native resolution in to decode the signal.
  • BIS – Its important to check the BIS HALLMARK and then authenticate it on BIS site for the right model, brand and specification.
  • GST – The Govt. of India charges 28% GST on projector. Check your bill, if it is at 18% then the merchant is pocketing that extra 10% while charging you and cheating the country.
  • Brand – is the Brand registered, if yes where ? Is the Brand available in India to support you or its importer is claiming to give support. Think !.

Recreate the awe-inspiring cinema experience at home


With lots of new releases streaming devices, you no longer need to head to the movie theater to catch all the latest blockbusters.

with i9 Pro-Max Full HD home theater projector, you can bring the theater experience right to your own living room.

This advanced at-home projector boast impressive picture quality, good brightness in ambient light, vivid colors and a quality contrast ratio. That means you can get a massive viewing screen for a fraction of the cost of a big TV.

And its portable desing, making it perfect for a movie night under the stars too. So just Chill and enjoy your Enjoy favorites from Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5, Voot and others at comfort of your home.


Peace of Mind with PC Free DesignThe eCore engine – Innovative, Intelligent, Decoder & Enhancer


  • The eCore engine – Innovative, Intelligent, Decoder & Enhance !!
  • At heart of every Egate projector is the ecore image processing engine (unique only to Egate) which works in tandem with all the elements of this panoramic basket of technology mated for its high quality LCD and GPU.
  • Horizontal IPS- PLS 1080p LCD – IPS LCD or “In-Plane Switching” LCD, leverage liquid crystals aligned in parallel to produce rich colors. IPS panels are defined by the shifting patterns of their liquid crystals. The liquid crystal’s ability to shift horizontally creates better viewing angles. Hence avoid LCD panels placed vertically in some box shape designed projector. PLS (Plane-to-Line Switching) is the latest and most advanced IPS display. Below are the highlights of Egate IPS-PLS display LCD Low Response time and no input lag Wide Viewing angle Breath taking & striking colo reproduction, accuracy and consistency
  • Stronger Contrast ratio – Deeper Black in dark images & Brighter White in bright images
  • Micro LEDs (60) – Most cheap manufacturer uses few micro Leds and put in high voltage on it to brighten the image, reducing quality (washed off colors) as well as life. Egate uses Max-Micro LEDs for better picture quality and longer life.
  • Polaroid Filter – This is the size of the LCD and resides between LED and LCD to filter the white light into its purest form to get that vivid wide color gamut revealing tiny details, taking the overall viewing experience to next level.
  • Decoder / Enhancer – The mated UI and software decoder ensures sharper detail with smoother frame transition and eliminating any rainbow effect.


Meet India’s most admired and trusted Projector Brand – EGATE


By buying Egate product you not only ensure that you are buying products made and adapted for India, but you are also contributing towards the nation and society. Egate is known to bring down the digital divide ensuring the luxury is available to masses by constantly bringing down the cost of ownership while innovating and incorporating the best of technology. We thank you for making Egate the leader and the best Indian Brand in the segment.


  • EGATE being an Indian Brand is not only locally available for all help and support but also understands Indian Customers need & demand. Hence, developed a unique Multi level support mechanism at the ease of your home.
  • WHY EGATE :-
  •  Support – 1 Year nationwide, 3600+ location unmatched product support. Door Step – Unique service mechanism provides door step pick up and drop facility.
  • High Standard – EGATE Products are certified by highest government quality standards like BIS etc.
  • Quality – Four step quality control including Seven Hours Burn and 3 Ft. Drop test ensures negligible failure rate.
  • Authentic – By downloading Government’s Smart Consumer app and scanning the EAN Code on EGATE’s box can reveal the true specifications and certify the authenticity.
  • Honest – EGATE believes in Honesty. Hence, all it’s products are priced reasonably with complete GST Invoices & giving true and right specifications to the customers.


Multi-Level Support :- Live Chat on EGATE’s Website


EGATE PLAYSTORE APP: One of it’s kind, the EGATE App is packed with Multi features ranging from exclusive Rewards, Universal Remote, Manual Drivers Download, Upgrades & immediate support & help. The two way communication supported on this Powerful App gives you detailed step-by-step information of service & transit status.

Door Step – Unique service mechanism provides door step pick up and drop facility.

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