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Best HD Hidden Camera –

IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera | USB Charger Type | Maximum 128GB SD Support | Loop/Motion Triggered Recording Option | Ideal for Home/Office Monitoring

About this item

  • [Easy to use]: The plug & play surveillance camera is support FAT32 format SD card and requires no prior setting. Insert SD card, plug the device into a power socket and the video recording will begin. The recording will cease the moment the device is unplugged. The video content recorded on the SD card can be viewed by connecting the USB device to a computer/ with OTG connector to Mobile.
  • [Where to use]: Ideal for monitoring staff at office, godown, etc., prevention of theft / shop lifting, or to keep an eye on movement of specially-abled, elders and children in the family, pets, and others at home.
  • [HD quality audio/video]: The HD 1920*1080p colour video camera gives 70° viewing with 30 frames per second (FPS) AV output, generating HD quality surveillance content.
  • [Smart motion detection (M)]: The camera will start to record the moment it detects motion. This will save space on the SD card, and make viewing of essential content easier.
  • [Recording in loop (L)]: The camera recording will run seamlessly in loops, wherein after the SD card runs out of maximum storage (128 GB), fresh video content will be overwritten on earlier content. [Any location]: The USB can be connected to a power-bank, allowing for the camera to be used at any location. The USB can also be used to charge mobile phones.

Product Description

IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera- Minimum 8GB – Maximum 12GB SD Card Support

Ideal for home/office monitoring

The IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera can be discreetly placed for surveillance of home and office spaces. The easy to use device smartly detects motion using its 70° viewing angle and simultaneously records HD AV content that can viewed on a computer using a cable or card reader connecting the device. The facility to charge mobiles is an add-on.

Key Details:

1080p HD audio/video recording 70° wide angle camera Support FAT32 formatted SD card (SD card not provided with device). Two Recording Modes: Loop Record, Motion Based Recording. Minimum 8GB – Maximum 12GB SD Card Support

No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, Need To connect direct power, It will Work with Power Bank

Two Recording Modes:

Loop Record (Continuous Recording) [L]: Camera will keep recording in a loop on the SD Card, if the SD card storage fills up, camera will overwrite the old recorded files

Motion Based Recording [M]: Camera will record only when it detects motion in front of it, thus saving the storage space of SD Card

Camera can be used anywhere with help of power bank. No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity (check other IFITech models). Camera records multiple videos, of each file is of 5-minute duration.


What is to be done when the red light on the device glows?
The red light indicates that a FAT32 Format SD Card is to be inserted into the device for the recording facility to function.

If there is no light glowing on the device, is the camera working/recording?
The moment the SD card is inserted, the red light on the device will glow 3 times and fade out. From then on, the recording facility will be functional.

What steps are needed if the camera is not recording even after insertion of SD card?
Check if the SD card is inserted properly; make sure the SD card is formatted to ‘FAT32’; 16GB/32GB/64GB & 128GB SD cards require formatting. For this, call Customer Support for assistance.

What if the red light glows even after the 64GB/128GB SD card is inserted into the device?
The 64GB/128GB SD card can be ‘FAT32’ formatted using a ‘GUI Format’ Software. Call Customer Support for assistance.

How to record using a power bank?
Connect the camera to a power bank using USB cable which provided in box. Please Do not simultaneously connect the device to a power bank and an electric socket.

This camera can do both recording and charging Simultaneously?
Yes, Can be charge your cell phone or other USB electronic devices while the camera records. But do not use a data transfer cable for charging as it would stop the camera from recording; use charging cables only.

Can i connect with my smart phone to see the videos?
Yes. Using OTG connector connect to the mobile and you can play the video through the VLC Media player app.

How much time (max) will it record with 16GB/32GB/64GB/128 GB memory card?
The camera can be record video with 16GB- 90 min/ 32GB- 180 min/ 64GB- 480 min/ 128GB- 1100 min.

Is Camera will record continuous video without split file?
No, Camera records multiple videos, of each file is of 3-minute duration.

How To Set Date and Time?

  • Connect the camera to a Laptop/PC with USB wire given or card reader, as shown in image.
  • Open the SD card drive and there will be file with name “TIMEREST”
  • Open the File in “NotePad”
  • Change the current date and time
  • date is in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format

Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor, Brand: IFITech, Connector Type: Wired,

Recommended Uses For Product: Indoor camera, home security, home monitoring, spy camera,

Room Type: Office, Warehouse, Form Factor: USB Plug Charger, 

Connectivity Protocol: No, Special Feature: Requires SD Card to Record Video & Audio (SD card not included) 4, 

Model Name: Camera, Power Source: AC.

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