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Best Wireless Music system on Amazon-

OBAGE DT-51 100 Watt 2.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Tower Speaker

About this item

Flat sound signature meant for clarity seekers.

Burn-in period of 10-12 hours after which the sound becomes more amazing and detailed.

Optical IN, Bluetooth 5.0, FM, Aux and USB support Perfect to pair with your TV to enhance TV viewing experience.

Tweeter included to fetch the details of instruments in the music.

Connector Type: Wireless Bluetooth, Speaker Type: Dual Speaker, Brand: OBAGE, 

Model Name: DT-51 Tower Speaker, Recommended Uses For Product: For Televisions; For Smartphones or Tablets; For DVD Players.

Get High on MUSIC, pure music.

A treat for Music Lovers and Clarity seekers!

Obage DT-51 is a proudly made in India active tower speaker system. If the combination of clear bass and clarity of vocals appeals to you, your search ends here. DT-51 provides a FLAT sound signature and makes sure that the vocals and instruments are miraculously clear. You may shake a leg at high volume or enjoy a relaxing musical evening at a low volume. It’s a perfect choice for all kinds of listeners.

If your closed room is up to an area of 200 sq.ft. with proper acoustics, DT-51 can be your MUSIC MACHINE. Just make sure that the acoustics are fine and be ready to shake a leg!

Lose yourself in Music

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the musical world.

One of a kind of speaker system that makes sure that you catch every instrument even at low volumes. Your partner in relaxing musical evenings, your companion when you wish to lose yourself in the beauty of music. A perfect ZERO fatigue listening!

Terms of after-sales-service

6 months for DT-51

Onsite service is subject to availability of pin codes. In case, service is not present, the customer has to send the product to Obage service centre in Delhi via courier. The customer will bear courier cost of one side. This whole process can take time, please co-operate.

Key Points

Flat Sound signature

Pure Flat sound for pure music lovers. The sound is maintained natural. Bass, Mids and Treble are given equal importance to fetch the minutest of details in the music. The same frequency response is maintained even at low volumes.

Optical Input supported

DT-51 also has Bluetooth 5.0, FM, USB playback, Aux and of course, Optical input.

Pure Bass

NO FAKE BASS. Just the real bass. Just make sure that your room has good acoustics and DT-51 will make sure that you get high on bass.

Bluetooth 5.0

No background noise during Bluetooth operation. Clean connectivity without hassles.

The rarest combo of Clear Bass and Vocal clarity

Fall in love with Music

STYLE: Dual Tower, SIZE (H X W X D): 27″ X 7″ X 9.5″ (Each Tower), CABINET: 11mm MDF, WEIGHT: 16 kg, FREQUENCY RANGE: 50Hz – 15kHz, Electrical Power Output: 50W + 50W, SUBWOOFER: 2 x 5.25 Inch high grade, SPEAKER: 2 x 4 Inch high grade, TWEETER: 2 x 2.5 Inch high grade, Area Coverage: Maximum 200 sq.ft. closed room, BASS TECHNOLOGY: Bass Reflex, Side Firing, INTERFACE SUPPORT: Optical IN/Bluetooth/USB/FM/Aux.

Note: The burning period of DT-51 is 10-12 Hours, that is, the sound quality becomes even better after this time of usage. Also, make sure that the acoustics of the room are decent enough with good amount of sound absorbents. This will ensure depth in the bass.

Few Precautions:

Placement of speakers matter a lot

There are multiple ways of placing your speakers and every placement will result in a different sound. The best way to place your speakers entirely depends on your listening preference. Our customer care can help you in this regard.

No distorted music please!

Distortion decreases the health of speakers and this stands true for all speakers in the world. So, avoid playing distorted music.

Not for outdoor use

DT-51 has been designed for indoor use only. The more the sound absorbents in the room, better the performance will be.

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