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Best Educational Home Automation Kit for Kids –

ThinkerPlace STEM Educational Home Automation Kit for Kids | Toys for 12+ Years, 13+ Years, 14+ Years Boys & Girls | Learning & Educational Toys | STEM Toys | DIY Kit | Science Kits (without 3D case & with Tool kit)

About this item

  • Educational STEM Do-It-Yourself kit for kids to build a Remote Controlled Light Switch using which any light can be turned ON or OFF by a remote. You can use it to automate any normal light at home which generally works on alternating current. Made in India
  • Access to ONLINE INSTRUCTION MANUAL on ThinkerPlace LMS (Leraning Management System). You get detailed easy to understand instruction & concept manuals explaining functions of all components and steps to assemble this DIY kit.
  • Educational STEM toy for 12 Years, 13 year, 14+ year old kids. Give your child a head start by making them understand How to think, Create and Implement educational concepts to build real life projects
  • STEM kits are effective aids to make kids learn by doing and getting them interested in science, maths, engineering and technology. Kids learn the concepts of electricity, energy as well as understand working of circuits, soldering gun, remote and more.
  • ThinkerPlace Tool Kit included: Solder Gun, Solder Stand, Solar Wire, Lid Cutter, Wire Striper, Screw Driver are required to assemble this robot. You will receive the Toolkit with the product. Made in India.

Home Automation Kit

Switch Light On/Off using a Remote STEM Education is a unique model of learning that focuses on the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

Thinker Place Home Automation DIY STEM KIT is one of the many educational toys for kids offered by Thinker Place. Your kid can automate and turn ON/OFF any light in your house with the touch of a button after making this smart home automation kit. Skill development toy which helps your kid develop problem-solving skills, and critical thinking skills.

Easy to Build

Every ThinkerPlace STEM DIY Kit includes a 3D casing for assembling and building all the DIY toys efficiently. These Kits are such that they can be built by kids on their own, without seeking help from anyone else.

Educational STEM Toy

ThinkerPlace STEM toys for kids come with detailed manuals in interactive video and PDF format which makes learning & education fun for kids of different ages. Each Kit is specially curated to teach concepts of coding, robotics, electronics and other topics of science, technology, engineering, mathematics.

Real Life Application

Once the project is complete, your kid can effectively implement and use these DIY toys in their daily life. ThinkerPlace smart Home Automation Kit can be easily used by your child to operate the lights in the house with a remote.

What is ThinkerPlace?

We develop Educational Do-It-Yourself Toys based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) encouraging kids to Learn by Doing. Designed by Experts, our kits help kids to Think, Create & Implement concepts they learn to build real life applications

What makes Thinker Place unique?

We offer comprehensive STEM Learning Experience with online Learning Management System, an interactive fun learning platform with Videos, Manuals, Expert Guidance & more

What will my kids learn?

Kids can learn Innovative skills like Robotics, Coding, & Automation while building the toys.

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