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Best Electric Bed Warmer, Best Electric Under Blanket –

Expressions Polar Electric Bed Warmer – Electric Under Blanket – Single Bed Size (150cms x 80cms) with 3 Heat Settings & Dual Safety Feature with Over Heat Protection

About this item

  • Proudly Made in India with CE, RoHS & ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • 1 year Warranty against any Manufacturing Defects. Please read warranty card properly to avail warranty services

Power Consumption: 70 Watts

Safety: Dual Safety Feature with Over Heat Protection with 12 Hours auto cut-off

Save While You Sleep

Save money while you sleep. Sleeping in a cooler room helps promote better sleeping. Turn down the thermostat and snuggle up into a warm bed.

Soothe Muscles and Reduce Stress

Applying heat and warmth to sore muscles, ache and pains helps reduce and alleviate the discomfort.

His and Her Dual Controls

He sleeps hot, so you are always cold. Heated blankets have dual controllers that can be customized to manage the individual comfort of two people in one bed.

Safe & Warm Low Wattage Technology


Low-wattage technology keeps you safe while you stay warm. Expressions products consume 70 Watts (Single Bed Size), the current it takes to illuminate a light bulb. There is protection and safety even if the bed warmer becomes wet. Snuggle in with family members without the worry.

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