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Best electric pressure cooker on Amazon-

 Wellspire Multi Cooking Pot Smart Electric Pressure Cooker (6 Litres) with Instant 12-1 Single-Touch Functions and 7 Free Accesories (Black, Stainless Steel)

Wellspire Multi Cooking Pot (A Multi-Cooking Pot)

Wellspire Multi Cooking Pot Smart Electric Pressure Cooker comes with 12 one-touch pre-set functions. The multi cooking pot uses the latest 3rd generation technology with an embedded microprocessor, which monitors the pressure, temperature, cooking time and heating intensity. Each multi-pot is passed through the stringent quality check process giving you uncompromising safety with 10 proven safety mechanisms through advanced technology.

  • Genuine SS304 Food Grade Stainless steel pot
  • 100% BPA free Plastic measuring cups and spoon
  • Silicon mitts
  • Egg rack
  • Steamer basket
  • Trivet
  • Extra gasket


At ‘Wellspire’ we abide by a ‘customer-centric approach. Prioritizing your needs and satisfaction motivates us to introduce an even wider range of products in the times to come; that beautify modern living in a way like never before!


The easy control panel replaces 8 cooking appliances and includes 12 pre-set programs. LCD Panel design has intuitive icons and progress indicator.


Pre-Plan your meals. Simply put all the ingredients in the Wellspire Multi Pot and set a timer using the Delay Start option. A wholesome homemade meal will be ready at a time you desire.


Every Wellspire Multi Pot undergoes rigorous testing and has 10+ multiple safety measures which includes Overheat Protection, Safety Lock and more to ensure safe pressure cooking.


A Silver float will let you know exactly when pressure is reached. It has extra-wide steam vent handle that helps to keep your hands away from steam release.

12 in 1 Multi Cooking Pot

  • Your Wellspire Multi Cooking Pot comes with 12 in 1 pre-set functions.
  • 1.Slow cook 2.Saute 3.Porridge 4.Egg 5.Soup 6.Poultry 7.Rice 8.Steam 9.Cake 10.Pressure cooker 11.Bean/chilli 12.Yogurt
  • Also Wellspire Multi Cooking Pot helps you to replace 8 of your kitchen appliances with one.

Vegetable Biryani

Multi Cooking Pot makes biryani cooking at home easier than ever before. Why wait for a special occasion or a weekend when every day can be a biryani special one.

Amritsari Chole

Bring the flavours of traditional Amritsari Chole to your home with a side of bhaturas or kulchas.

Eggless Chocolate Cake

Make a super delicious, super moist & super easy chocolate cake with the help of Wellspire multi-cooking pot.

Mughlai Chicken

A simple blend of Indian spices yields the most flavorful Mughlai chicken. Now, enjoy your Mughlai chicken at home.

Top reviews from India at Amazon

(Review by Sunny a Amazon Customer)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great product for novice cooks

Reviewed in India on 30 July 2020 Verified Purchase

This was bought after researching about most multi pots. Considering had to cook everything recently due to the situation. I would say it’s a must for new cooks as it’s pretty forgiving. I have never cooked much before but even the first dish came out pretty good in this.

The reason for buying this brand even though it’s new was that the manufacture answered all questions and doubts reasonably. The long term reliability remains to be seen.

The design and concept is absolutely same as the instant pot which makes it easy to get the recipes from various videos online. Moreover you can easily cross use any accessories from other 6 liter instant pots.

The cost is less considering its hardware is absolutely the same.

It’s pretty easy to clean. Put the pot in dishwasher every day.

The seller says the lid is also dishwasher safe as is the instant pot one but only to be put on the top rack (less water pressure) of the dishwasher.

The advantage of such cooker is that the steam is not released , taste is better and there is no release of any kind of cooking fluid as in regular pressure cooker. This makes it very forgiving as the food will not get burnt easily (provided you use minimum quantity water)

The saute mode is very useful for “tadka” and works quickly and effectively.

Rice is cooked in 8 minutes.

The preheating time can be reduced by adding water initially and starting the appliance till you do the pre-preperations as it heats the appliance.

Avoid releasing the steam to prevent things from getting messy.

The lid remains very clean from inside of you do this. This avoiding extensivecleaning of the heavy lid.

You can keep the stand and cook things in a smaller vessel (example dal ) so it’s easier to clean the smaller vessel and keep in fridge. I regularly cook two things together(rice dal vegetables or steam. Eggs easily boiled.

Let’s hope the service and safety of this appliance is reliable.

The cons are as follows

The stand is either too short or too big for pratical convenience to cook two things. The seller says he will improve it to get a medium size.

The cooker has a trough around the top which is not easy to clean. Even though this part is not used for cooking but still can look dirty ( Same problem with all models of instant pot and other brands).

Will need some brush etc as we cannot put it under running water due to electronics.

Some food etc will accumulate here.

The steel pot is easily cleansable and safer than the non stick.

The accessories provided are good quality and good value.

The seller even sent a glass lid which can help with visual slow cooking.

We also need some double/triple cooking pans to fit this to help with simultaneous cooking. I’ve tried using pots from my collection but steel pots (dishwasher safe)which fit this and are stackable are not easy to find. All my kitchen worthy items are based on dishwasher and health safety(chemical release) now.

The inner pot size is 6 litres but practically it’s about 3-4 as the line says do not add over this amount.

I feel the smaller 3 liter size is not enough as when you put smaller utensils inside to cook (or cook two -3 dishes together)the amount of real estate will just be sufficient.

All in all its a great product so far.

Will update long term review after a couple of months.

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