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Best Idli Stand For 3 Litre and bigger Pressure Cooker)

Hawkins Idli Stand – 12 Mini Idlis, (For 3 Litre and bigger Pressure Cooker), Silver (ID12S),Aluminium

About this item

Made from pure virgin aluminium Make idlis easily and quickly at home, even if you’ve never made them before, with the Hawkins Idli Stand Make 12 delicious, fluffy idlis at a time – in 6 minutes! Designed for 3 Litre Pressure Cooker

Recommended for the following models of Pressure Cookers – CLASSIC 3 Litre (Tall), CONTURA 4 & 5 Litre, HEVIBASE 3 Litre, CONTURA BLACK 4 & 5 Litre, CONTURA BLACK XT 5 Litre, CERAMIC COATED CONTURA 5 Litre, STAINLESS STEEL 3 (Tall) & 4 Litre, MISS MARY 3 & 3.5 Litre, FUTURA STAINLESS STEEL 5.5 Litre

Hawkins G05 Mini Idli Stand for Pressure Cooker

The Hawkins Idli Stands have been designed for the Hawkins 3 litre pressure cookers but can be used with any other pressure cooker into which it fits properly.

Do not use the vent weight at all while cooking idlis. For best results, the steam should flow freely from the vent tube – there should be no build up of pressure at all.

Always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the pressure cooker for your own safety whenever you use it as a pressure cooker.

Care and Cleaning of the Idli Stand

1. Before using the Hawkins Idli Stand for the first time, wash with hot water and soap. Rinse in clear water and dry.

2. After use, wash the Hawkins Idli Stand with hot water and soap using a plastic scrubber or dishcloth. Wipe dry.

3. We recommend storing the Hawkins Idli Stand with the idli plates reassembled and knob tightened gently.

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