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Best Mobile phone stand with 360° Rotating –

pTron Mount DSM1 360° Rotating Mobile Phone Desktop Stand, 24cm-32cm Adjustable Height, Sturdy & Stable Microphone Style Design, Lightweight, Portable & Easy Install (Black)

  • 360° Rotating: Mount DSM1 mobile phone stand is suitable for live broadcasts and watching TV. The vertical angle is used for live broadcasting and the horizontal angle is used for watching TV.
  • Adjustable Height: Mobile phone stand length can be adjusted as per your need 24cm to 32cm max. and the mobile holder’s clamping range is 5cm to 10.5cm.
  • Sturdy Design: Strong weighted base with inserted steel plate to sustain weights of different mobile devices and keep well balanced when adjusting to multiple angles.
  • An anti-slip silicone pad can prevent the mobile phone from sliding and protect the mobile phone from scratches. You can also access the charging and aux port when the stand is being used.
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. Customer care details: 040-67138888 /

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  • ***** (Soumyajit Roy) Excellent phone holder for online teaching: I bought this product for online teaching using the google meet platform. In one word, this product is amazing. I did not even think that this would be that good.

    The base clamps are wide enough and contain rubber paddings, enabling a solid grip on a table or on a platform. Attaching the base clamp to a table is super easy. The metal flex-rod is sturdy and can be manipulated in any direction you need. The clamp to hold the phone is strong and has rubber padding to secure the phone. The clamp orientation can be changed easily. Since the metal flex-rod is sturdy enough, there is no wobble during carrying an over 200 g smartphone with cover.

      The pictures show how steadily the phone can transmit the video through google meet.

        I would say anyone who is interested in online teaching and finding it difficult without a black or whiteboard should definitely go for it. Lying on a couch and watching a movie without holding the phone will also be an added fun.

        • ***** (Vivek Techie) High quality mobile holder for desk:- pTron Mount DSM1 360° Rotating Mobile Phone Desktop Adjustable phone mount is really easy usable thing, easy to charge phone on stand with out any problem it’s 360 rotating stand with extra grip at the bottom the clip holds the mobile firmly and has height adjustable stand with it overall the product is worth buying and usable.

        •  ***** ( Vivek Techie) Good addon for car gadgets:- pTron Mount ST4B Universal 360° Rotating Car Back Seat Headrest The headrest is of plastic which is really good the mount is adased with rubbers for more grip, holds the smartphone, tablet really good holds upto 10inches tab really good the build quality is also good, even in bumpy roads the headrest holds good the phone stays in the mount with out any hustle, for kids this is suitable for long drives they enjoy there journey with this mount watching there favourite things, so this is really good for regular usage also.

        • ***** (Shivani Modi) Awesome:- I love making art but recording it while drawing was becoming a tedious task. So I thought of investing in a good phone holder. I like this one because of the following benefits:

          1. Portable and easy to use

            2. Three colour options

              3. Brightness of the light can be adjusted as per need

                4. 3 slots given for holding mobile (although 1 slot is enough)

                  5. Perfect value for money

                    6. Has a heavy base for stability

                      7. Can be rotated in any direction (mobile and light both). However, mobile cannot be aligned as flat (at 180° parallel with the base) yet is manageable in many ways. Hence I recommend 👍

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