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Best Portable Air Cooler for Home

HIFRESH one of the best Portable Air Cooler for Home under 12000

About this item

  • [Multiple Modes Satisfy Your Needs] HIFRESH portable air conditioner humidifier features 4 preset modes (Normal/Nature/Sleep/Cold) & 3 wind speeds (Low/Medium/High) to offer a wide range of use for any activity. Mimic cool lake breeze with Nature Mode or blow strong wind after jogging at High Speed, with a total of 12 airflow combinations to cool your summer.
  • [Create Cool Lake Breezes at Home] HIFRESH portable swamp cooler has a large 4.2 L tank capable of running for -15 hours to relieve 35% indoor dryness. Use with ICE PACKS (included) to blow cool breezes like they’re blowing across a lake to your immediate area. Live in a cooling environment is not an unachievable thing with HIFRESH evaporative cooling fan unless you prefer a stuffy home.
  • [Cool as An A/C with A Low Bill] When the dog days of summer roll around, an economic personal air cooler is a great helper to keep you calm and sweat-free at home or in your office. This bladeless tower fan produces a gentle breeze to cool down a 250 sq ft room quickly and evenly. Also, it’s more eco-friendly and budget-saving to run than an AC. Enjoy your icy summer night with HIFRESH!
  • [Give You a Excuse Being Lazy] Equppied with a remote control with responsive and extra-long sensing distance, this free-standing evaporative air cooler provides a “lazy” way to adjust your swamp air cooler while lying on the couch or in bed. With smart touch panel, clear LED display, it is friendly to the seniors who are unfamiliar with smart appliances.
  • [Easy to Install] No hoses and no windows required. The installation of this 3-in-1 evaporative air cooler is very simple, use the included screwdriver, tighten the screws and quickly complete the whole operation in less than 1 minute. Plug it in and enjoy the coolness! The base of the water tower fan is about the size of an A4 sheet of paper,and it is sturdy and detachable for easy storage.
  • [Make You Sleep Like a Baby] Have you ever been woken up by the whirring sound of the ceiling fan at midnight? HIFRESH evaporative cooler is a smart solution to make you sleep like a baby. It features an upgraded quite motor to blow comfortable airflow acorss the bedroom with less than 39dB of noise. Besides, 12-Hour preset timer allows you to sleep without any interruptions all night long.
  • [Wide Oscillation] This swamp air conditioner packs a punch for its compact size and sleek appearance. This oscillating fan with automatic 70°oscillation distributes cool air evenly throughtout an estimated 200 square feet of room. Leaving no corner of your room uncooled.
  •  4.1L Cooling Tower Fan w/ 80W Low Power Consumption, 3 Speeds & 4 Modes Personal Swamp Cooler w/ 4 Ice Packs & Remote, Evaportative Air Cooler for Bedroom Office

Product Description

Space Saving


Featuring a slim & vertical design, HIFRESH Tower Fan fits perfectly into any tight spaces that your bulky A/C cannot do. Stay cool in hot summer days. Ideal for living room, kids playing room and office.


Built-in Handle for Easy Carry


With 4.4kg and sturdy handle on the back, HIFRESH Evaporative Cooler provides an effortless way for users to move it from room to room. Additionally, its remote control provides a distance control for maximize convenience.


4 Cooling Ice Packs


To deliver EXTRA cooling airflow on hot summer days, HIFRESH Air Cooler comes with 4 ICE PACKS. Fill the water tank with pure water, add the frozen ice pack, and turn on the COLD MODE; you could feel a stream of comforting wind with humidity.


HIFRESH 43” Evaporative Air Cooler & Cooling Fan


The HIFRESH Evaporative Cooler boasts a stylish and slim tower design, powered by 4 Modes (Normal/Nature/Sleep/Cold) and 3 Speeds (Low/Mid/High), allowing you to customize any desired airflow. Its precise engineering motor generates more velocity while emitting less noise., producing gentle sound with a sleep mode setting (Lower than 39dB) for night use. What’s more, this air cooler is designed with a 70°V-Flow Oscillation , delivering a wide range of pleasant coolness to comfort whole rooms.

Bedroom—This sleek floor tower fan is perfect to fit in your bedroom. It features a more powerful airflow to cool off with less noise operation than box fans. With a 1 to 12 Hour Timer feature, you could program before sleep so the chill won’t disturb you while you sleep.


Living Room—If you are a nature lover, HIFRESH Evaporative Cooler is a must have for your daily activities. This cooler produces a customized breeze to taste with multiple settings. With a 70° Widespread Oscillation, it is capable of accelerating indoor cooling, providing you a comfortable areas.
Office—Have you felt stuffy in your office when crowed? HIFRESH Air Cooler is perfect to move your indoor air out and Accelerate Indoor Air cooling.


What Is an Air Cooler & How Can You Buy It Online?

In a world full of air conditioners, have you met its reliable, economical and equally efficient counterpart, the good old air cooler? As the name suggests, it’s an air cooling device that will help drop the temperatures around you, and can be used by those living in hot, dry weather conditions. If the air quality is dry, chances are that an air cooler will be a better and an Eco-friendlier option for you as it tends to perform better and last longer given the harsh weather conditions and the unbearable heat.

So where and how can you buy the best air coolers in India? Okay wait, where can you get the best air coolers online? The answer to both is Reliance Digital. Getting the right choice and the right device for your family is just a click away! Choose from a variety of options that suit your requirements and live in comfort and style.


What Are the Different Types of Air Coolers?

There are four main varieties of air coolers, and you can choose one based on your requirement.


As the name suggests, these air coolers are portable and easy to move around. Preferred largely for personal use, they will instantly cool the air around your making it comfortable. Also referred to as “mini coolers”, these shouldn’t be used in large rooms. Given their compact size and weight, they’re easy to carry around, will keep the air quality round you fresh and save on energy too. 


If you’ve already figured it from the name, these air coolers are to be used in areas with harsh and dry weather conditions. Given that they work on the concept of evaporating heat from the water and in turn pushing out cool air, these are ideal with desert regions Hence, the name desert coolers. Again, they’re cost efficient, hassle free and low maintenance room coolers and a preferred option if you live in areas with a dry climate and excessive heat.


Suited for large spaces, tower coolers are a combination of fan and water cooling. They usually require good maintenance as they’re large units, but given their size and capacity, they’re also much stronger and cool big rooms faster. They’re cooling works in a way where the air is distributed vertically and evenly, which means no complaints from anyone in the room. And if you think they make a lot of noise, think again.


Much like window ACs, these are also installed in a window frame occupying much lesser space inside your room. The tank is outside the window, and these are strong, powerful room coolers which, however, require good and regular maintenance. Again, given they’re powerful performance, they may cost a bit higher, however, they’re long-lasting, sturdy and do the job required efficiently.


How Do You Know What’s the Right Air Cooler for Your Home?

Selecting an air cooler needn’t be a cumbersome process. A few factors play a pivotal role in you making the right purchase. The right air cooler for you should be chosen based on the size of your room, the price, brand and ease of purchase and the service provided after.

A few factors to keep in mind while purchasing the best air coolers online are the water tank capacity, airflow, auto water filling and auto drain features, design, caster wheels and dry run protection among others. If you’re brand conscious, choose from the country’s favourites and bestsellers such as  HIFRESH, Usha, Bajaj, Havells, Kelvinator, Bluestar, Symphony and Reconnect, all of which are available on Reliance Digital. Another factor that plays a significant role in making the right purchase is the air cooler price. Thankfully, they’re an economical option and can cost you anywhere between Rs 3,500 to Rs. 20,000.


Why Should You Choose an Air Cooler?

The answer to this is simple- because it’s long-lasting, efficient and reliable. However, here are some more reasons:

  • It improves air quality
  • It’s energy saving
  • It’s Eco-friendly
  • It’s economical
  • It’s portable and easy to move around
  • Comes with a variety of exciting features such as noise control, remote control, multiple speed settings, dry run protection, airflow, auto water filling and auto drain features and much more.
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