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Best Sprayer Tap head for kitchen use –

OINOZ Flexible Kitchen Tap Head Movable Sink Faucet 360° Rotatable ABS Sprayer Removable Anti-Splash Adjustable Filter Nozzle Swivel Water Saving Aerator 3 Modes Kitchen tap

  • Rotation can clean any blind angle of the sink. And it can be bent and fixed according to your target angle
  • 3-Mode spray: Can be adjusted to jet, shower, and jet + shower modes according to your needs
  • Material: This Water faucet Made of high quality ABS plastic, stainless steel and silicone, durable for long-term use
  • Application: Suitable for kitchen water faucet, water sink faucet, bathroom faucet and toilet faucet
  • Size: Total height 8.5cm(3.35in), total width 5.5cm(2.17in), base inner diameter 2.2cm(0.87in), base outer diameter 2.4cm(0.94in)

OINOZ 360 Degree Rotating Movable Kitchen Faucet

Our water-saving faucet can help you to solve the problem. The new water-saving faucet device can control the flow of the water. Like the gentle water spout from the shower head. Adjusted from stream to spray with a valve design, reduces energy costs and water usage by more than 50%.

360 degrees Flexible Head

A small round roller inside the faucet joint, you can adjust the faucet to any angle, truly 360 degrees rotatable. There is a roller inside the tap head, with which you can adjust the tap head to any angles to easier clean your plates, fruits and vegetables

3 Modes Adjustable Sink Faucet


Our Kitchen sink aerator is made of the highest quality ABS and stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and has a long service life. It is suitable for 99% kitchen and bathroom faucets (universal joints, conversion screws, spare washers are provided free of charge)


360 degree sink aerator has three adjustable modes (pulse mode, shower + pulse, shower mode), which provides you with more convenient and faster water requirements, easy to clean vegetables, wash dishes, rinse fruits, etc. Let you bid farewell to the bad sink environment, the water flow is sufficient without splashing, the water flow can cover every angle of the sink.


You can install this faucet without any tools, easy to operate, suitable for most faucets in the market. Providing 3 Methods to install, including internal thread, external thread and universal joint.

How To Clean Stainless Steel Water Outlet Panel

  • The plastic bottom of the faucet aerator is detachable for cleaning.
  • There are dense water outlet holes on the stainless steel panel, easy to be stuck with small stuff.
  • Detach the plastic ring in the bottom gently, then clean the stainless steel panel with detergent and clean water, it is easy to clean up.
  • After cleaning the panel, install the accessories in sequence(especially the small rubber washer).
  • No need to clean the panel too often, just to clean it when the water flow is small or could not spray normally from the small holes.

Mode 1 Pulse mode:

In pulse mode, the water flow concentrates and is gentle when you only want to wash round or arched articles such as back of spoons, fruits, body of bottles.

Mode 2 Aggregative mode:

In aggregative mode, the water pressure is boosted higher and you can quickly get more water, the vegetables and fruits can be more thoroughly cleaned.

Mode 3 Sprinkler mode:

In sprinkler mode, the water pressure is increased to the highest. You can wash your dirty dishes quick and clean.

Water-saving, Splash-proof, Pressurized Shower Faucet


  • High temperature resistance, not easy to rust, strong and durable.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean, easy to clean!
  • Three control effluent effects. Forceful , medium and pulse spray.

Other Details:

  • Brand:-OINOZ
  • Type:-Faucet nozzle
  • Color:-White
  • Material:-ABS + Stainless Steel

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