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Best Stainless Steel Hand Blender

KENT Hand Blender Stainless Steel 400 W

About this item

  • KENT 400W Hand Blender is a handy yet powerful kitchen appliance to make kitchen chores easy
  • Its variable speed control helps adjust the speed easily according to specific recipe, thus hassle-free food preparations
  • The blender is an ideal choice for both hot and cold blending. Make anything such as shakes, soups, or smoothies
  • The durable and sharp stainless steel blades are rust-resistant and ensure perfect results every time
  • The desirable speed of this high-power 400W motor, make low noise operations
  • The detachable shaft makes the blender easy to clean and store


KENT Hand Blender SS


Once you own this KENT Hand Blender 400W, you won’t feel that ‘cooking is a struggle’. A very versatile and convenient kitchen appliance that can whisk and blend ingredients effortlessly. Available with a powerful and efficient motor it ensures fast and great results. The variable speed control lets you adjust the speed as per your needs. Apart from this, the stainless steel body makes this smart appliance a durable product for your kitchen.


Powerful Appliance for Your Daily Needs


This 400Watt hand blender, which comes with variable speed control is a powerful appliance that can make your kitchen chores much easier and hassle-free. With this blender, you can mix food, make yummy shakes, blend baby food, or make soups.


Low Noise Operation


Even if it has a high power motor, the machine promises a low noise operation and you can prepare your recipes with ease. So, even if your family members are sleeping, you can use the blender without any disturbance.


For Hot & Cold Blending


No matter you want to make some hot recipes or cold beverages, the blender is compatible with both the types. You can easily make smoothies, shakes, blend vegetables for soups, and much more.


Ease of Use


Though this hand blender is lightweight, its durable stainless steel blades and detachable shaft make your smart kitchen helper easy to use and clean.


How to Use an Immersion Blender?

You may be more familiar with the immersion blender by the name of hand blender, stick blender, or wand blender, but no matter what you call it, this versatile tool is useful in the kitchen. An electrified wand powers a motor to turn a rotary blade or attachment, making many common blending, mixing, and beating kitchen tasks a cinch. After you learn how to operate your immersion blender, there are plenty of recipes where you can put it to use.


Operating Your Immersion Blender

Assemble the blender. Depending on your model of immersion blender, this process may vary. Many immersion blenders have a spring loaded catch that clicks when component parts are fitted into place, while others may have screw-on attachments. To assemble your blender you should:

  • Line up the motor body, which will be the heaviest part of the blender, with a blender attachment. Fasten these parts together securely.
  • Press the release button on the motor body of the blender if the attachment doesn’t connect easily.


Plug in its electrical cord.

Choose an outlet that is off to the side of your work area. The last thing you want is to sever the cord while blending and create a dangerous situation. For unmanageable or difficult cords, you may want to use a heavy item, like a bowl, to hold the cord out of the way.


Insert your blender into the mixture you will blend.

Be sure the blender attachment is completely submerged in the mixture you are blending. Failing to do so could result in food being splattered all over your kitchen


Blend your mixture.

Flick the switch on your hand blender to activate the attachment. For many of these blenders, there is only a single speed, often indicated by the word “ON.” Be sure to keep the blades of your blender below the surface of your mixture to prevent food from spattering.

  • When blending, move the blender slowly up and down. This will encourage a well blended, smooth consistency in your mixture.
  • For tough ingredients, like vegetables, or thick mixtures, like some soups, you may have to blend for some time until the mixture is smooth and consistent.
  • Running the motor of your blender for extended periods can do damage to it. Try to limit your blending to 30 to 50 second intervals.


Unplug the blender as soon as you finish.

If the blender attachment is activated while the blender isn’t immersed, it can be very dangerous. To prevent accidental harm or injury, unplug your blender as soon as you finish using it.



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