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Best Steam Iron with Spray

Amazon Basics 1200 W Steam Iron with Spray, White and Green

About this item

  • Get wrinkle-free clothes within just a few minutes by using this powerful steam iron
  • Equipped with 19 steam vents for uniform steam distribution and a spray nozzle for powerful fine mist spray; High steam rate of up to 13g/min to remove the most stubborn creases in less time
  • Dynamic Quick Steam Technology with 1200 Watt power blasts away wrinkles effectively
  • 360-degree swivel cord for hassle-free movement and overheat safety shut-off, making it safe to use
  • Dynamic Quick Steam Technology with 1200 Watt power blasts away wrinkles effectively
  • Multi-purpose steam iron with accurate temperature-control dial to choose the required temperature setting based on the fabric type
  • Precision-tip point helps glide the iron across hard-to-reach areas easily
  • Technical specifications: 1200 Watt, 230Volt 50 Hz AC steam iron with 180 ml water capacity; powerful steam output of 13 g/min

Distributes Heat Evenly


The powerful steam iron is equipped with a non-stick aluminium soleplate and Rapid Even-Heat Technology that supports uniform distribution of heat and steam.

Safe for home usage


The steam iron has an overheat safety shut-off feature in case of thermal overload.

Precision-point tip


It comes with a precision-point tip that helps glide the iron easily across hard-to-reach areas of clothes

Temperature-control Dial


Its accurate temperature-control dial helps choose the required temperature setting based on the fabric type, making it a versatile option.

Dynamic Quick Steam Technology


19 True Position Axial-Aligned Steam Holes offer superior performance. Dynamic Quick Steam Technology removes wrinkles efficiently and enables this iron to glide easily across various garments.

360-degree Swivel Cord


The iron comes with a 360-degree swivel cord that facilitates easy handling.

How Do We Pick The Best Steam Iron For You?

Here are some of the important features of the steam iron that we kept in mind while curating this list for you.


1. Fabric Compatibility

We all know that every fabric has different requirements. Steam iron is a handy appliance to have when you have a variety t of fabrics to press. So, before purchasing one, you should always look for fabric compatibility.


2. Durable

The steam iron with its easy maintenance and efficient use has become a popular choice for most people. It requires only a wipe down with a wet cloth and the practice of emptying the water tank after each use to make sure that this appliance maintains its effectiveness over the years. On this list, we have listed all the products which are highly durable and come with an extended warranty.


3. Safety

Another important thing to consider while buying a steam iron is its safety features. As compared to its alternatives that require proper supervision, a steam iron is highly reliable. With the introduction of new products that are equipped with automatic shut-off options, steam irons have become a trusted appliance in Indian households across the country.


4. Time Efficient

Steam iron is a great option for people on the go who don’t have a lot of time to spare to iron their clothes. The steam from the iron helps in smoothing the toughest and the most stubborn wrinkles in less time. This enables you to save on those precious moments in the morning when you are running late!


5. Professional Look

Steam iron is the best way to give your clothes a professionally pressed look. The steam from the iron moistens the fibers of the clothes and makes them easier to press. Not only this, but the steam also helps keep the fibers in place for a longer period. This ensures that your clothes look sharp and clean throughout the day.


Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing A New Steam Iron

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about purchasing a new steam iron in India.


1. Which is the best steam iron for home use?

The Amazon Basics 1200 W Steam Iron with Spray is best for home use. It is the steam uniformly and its 5 different fabric settings allow you to choose for ironing various fabric types. Also, the anti-drip function of this steam iron saves your clothes from spots while ironing.


2. What should I look for when buying steam iron?

The technology, temperature control setting, weight, design, water tank capacity, and voltage it consumes should be considered before buying a steam iron.


3. Is an iron better than a steamer?

The steamers are better and faster than irons. The handheld garment steamers beat the iron in terms of convenience as they are lightweight and require less space.

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